2014 Western Tour

October 1-24


Cornerstone at Carnegie - New York:
“A unique form…the audience loved it.”

REVIEW: October 11, 2009 - Carnegie Hall - New York, NY

I’ve never encountered anything quite like The Courage to Care, – the program presented by Bruce Vantine’s Cornerstone Chorale & Brass

. This program assumes a unique form in which Mr. Vantine attempts to carry out his stated mission [to encourage individuals] to use time, talents and resources to minister to our brothers and sisters in need.

The diction of the narrators and singers was exemplary. Their fine diction was not the only way in which the Chorale excelled. Throughout the program they sang with beautiful sound, excellent intonation, and sincerity of intention. The several solos performed by chorus members were well executed.

Standing front and center, attractively clad in red, black and white, and singing everything by memory, they [the choir members] were the stars of the show. Equally skilled was the brass quintet.

During one of the more poignant moments…we were treated to a performance of one of music’s most beautiful pieces: the Adagio from Beethoven’s Sonata No. 8 -- the “Pathetique” [performed by Kay Hoffland, pianist]. Here Mr. Vantine’s message seemed to be that during times of greatest emotion, when words fail, music speaks…

The audience loved [the program], as they demonstrated with a standing ovation at the end.”

Barrett Cobb, music critic

The nationally acclaimed Cornerstone Chorale & Brass is a non-profit corporation and fully professional ensemble including artists recruited through national auditions. The ensemble consists of 22 vocalists, a brass quintet, pianist, narrators and staff.  372 performances in cities nationwide have demonstrated the effectiveness and impact of this unique programming.

Cornerstone's widely acclaimed program is unique in its ability to bring together education, social awareness, and the fine arts in a presentation which many communities have used as a benefit event for local charity.

This inspirational programming encourages people to live their faith at a higher level of commitment. The presentations make use of narration from a variety of sources (e.g. Biblical, news and editorial, poetry, literature), choral and instrumental music, and newly composed musical interludes woven together to focus on faith and its application to concerns in contemporary life (e.g. homelessness, tolerance, children's issues, spiritual development, etc.).

Cornerstone is rapidly emerging as a cohesive force among peoples of faith in America as our concerts help to unify and strengthen not only Christian churches, but often the interfaith community as well. While presenting a theme of "thanksgiving," Cornerstone programs are on the leading edge in building community and advocating cooperation and respect among all peoples.

Cornerstone programs present themes that center on God's call for us as individuals to reach out into our own communities to to improve the lives of others and reflect God's compassion, love and grace, especially through service to those in need.