New York, NY:
Alice Tully Hall
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

	“The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass is a top-notch ensemble with a high level       
	of musicianship.   Vantine’s 22 singers are superb, worthy of any studio.  
	The choir demonstrates a fine blend of vocal quality with dead-center pitch    
	and rhythmic precision most vocal ensembles would kill for.   The brass   
	quintet is crisp,  carefully balanced both within itself and with the chorus.  

	The evening provided a message of  great importance.” 

							Ken Smith, music critic
							The New York Concert Review

Santa Fe, NM:     
St. Francis Auditorium
The Museum of Fine Arts on the Plaza  

	“The Cornerstone Chorale and Brass visited Santa Fe November 1st on their
	grueling 23-stop Southwest tour. Those who hold the Desert Chorale in high
	esteem would have treasured this truly gifted ensemble.  It was one of the
	best mixed choirs I’ve heard, and a major event.

	There were 24 enthusiastic singers with astonishing clarity and technique
	and exciting dynamics.  All the solo voices showed unique beautiful tone
	quality and superb musicality and musicianship.   The brass ensemble was
	very solid, tastefully and technically proficient, a very satisfying,
	first-rate sound.  The inspiring conductor and Cornerstone founder
	Bruce Vantine must be credited.  	

	This ensemble is drawn nationally from the creme de la creme.  All
	participants have many impressive credits.  What  a pleasure to hear such
	a wonderful sound produced with such freedom and yet with such control.  

	The repertoire was all of a spiritual, uplifting nature woven artfully
	together with three very fine, rich-voiced narrators excellent in their
	All the works presented were very warm and appealing.  Those who attended
	really got their money’s worth.  Those who did not missed some interesting,
	very rich,  in-depth and energetic music making.  I was amazed that the
	Chorale sang the generous program from memory.

	I was told that the group would be back in the not too distant future.
	Don’t miss them!

							- Norma Lynn, music critic
							  Arts Alive! and Well
The Giraffe Award
February 20, 1989

Whereas: sticking one’s neck out for the Common Good
is an inspiration to all;
Whereas: such Risk-taking is vital to a compassionate,
peaceful, and just world;
Whereas: The Giraffe Project is commissioned to seek out
such Risk-takers and to honor them for their deeds;

herewith declares Bruce Vantine to be a Giraffe:
whose courageous actions illumine all our lives
making manifest the Truth
that people who believe in themselves
and care for others
can meet any challenge life presents.

Toledo, OH:
Christ Presbyterian Church
	“Last Sunday afternoon at Christ Presbyterian Church, The Cornerstone Chorale &
	Brass under the direction of Bruce Vantine from St. Louis, offered a program of 
	readings and music called Beside the Still Waters.

	Vantine recruits the professional singers and instrumentalists by audition from
	around the country and writes and produces the 90-minute program that talks
	about Judeo-Christian principles of living through the medium of words and
	music.  The Metro-Toledo Churches United sponsored the visit. The idea is
	intriguing, a sort of traveling Festival of Lessons and Carols without the
	Christmas focus and incorporating readings from poets, authors, philosophers,
	modern politicians, and of course,  scripture.

	The musical selections were varied and arresting, and the 24-voice choir was
	immaculately chosen for clarity of individual voices and a good blend.  They
	sang in tune and with conviction.  The use of brass, percussion and flute for
	dramatic accent was great.”
						- Willa J. Conrad, music critic
						  The Toledo Blade

Washington, DC:
The White House

	Thank you for your commitment to community service.  Through your generosity and
	hard work, you have shown that the tradition of neighbor helping neighbor is alive
	and well in our country.

	Your efforts profoundly influence the life of many Americans and they are a shining
	example for us all.  Barbara joins me in saluting you and sending you our best
	wishes.  God bless you.

							George H. W. Bush
						 	President of the United States

The Anglican Institute
The Rt. Rev. Michael Marshall

	“The work of mission and gospel caring for the poor and the homeless is
	necessarily high on the agenda of all churches today.  However, this work
	sometimes lacks both vision and passion.

	The work of Bruce Vantine and The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass seems
	to me to be unique in its ability to communicate this important aspect of
	the gospel along with precisely the passion and vigor it needs.

	It is an important piece of communication work, and as such can benefit
	enormously the work of the churches in this difficult and important sphere.
	I write to commend  The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass  as a vital and
	authentic ministry.”

What Audiences Are Saying About The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass

Tulsa, OK:

     “A program that can’t be explained, it has to be experienced...”

St. Louis, MO:

     “Any community that has the opportunity to participate will be truly blessed...
     I was extraordinarily moved by it.”

New York, NY:
  Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

     “What a moving experience, and so appropriate given the general state of
     America and the world. Wow! And thank you!”

     “This should have been mandatory attendance for all New Yorkers – all Americans.
     The message was that important!”

     “Such a wonderful sound and original concept!”

Vancouver, WA:
  St. John Lutheran Church

     “All are still talking about your wonderful performance. How we were blessed by
     your presence, beautiful music and message. Thank you and may God continue to
     bless you as you spread His message.”

Tacoma, WA:
  Dr. Kenneth E. Christopherson

     “The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass concert was as fine a concert as I have ever heard…
     combining high excellence in so many ways. The feature that put your concert over the
     top was its superbly seamless integration that somehow told the whole Christian story. The
     program did not, like most, juxtapose a scattering of discrete, unrelated elements. As a musician
     and theologian, I found the obvious and underlying theology of music and print to be solid and
     refreshingly Christian. We thank you and pray that your Cornerstone Chorale & Brass may long
     continue such thoroughly thrilling and edifying ministry through the arts of music and

Lafayette, CA:
  Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

     “As I listened to the Cornerstone concert, all kinds of words and emotions swept through me
     Words like originality, professionalism, powerful messages, multigenerational performers,
     inspirational, stimulating to the senses and heart are but a few. May you continue to provide
     our lives with the gift of having this highlight as part of our musical experience.”

     “Your Cornerstone concert thrilled my soul! Thank you for allowing God to use you to refresh
     His people. I jotted down some notes to express my gratitude:

The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass concert:

Like comfort food that satisfies,
The beloved old tunes
Served so deliciously
Sing to deep places in me.

A cooling breeze that refreshes,
The old and new words
Crafted so beautifully
Inspire my mind and soul.

Embracing arms that reassure,
The ancient scripture
Presented so faithfully
Speaks love and hope to my heart.

Battle cries that motivate,
The divine directives
Delivered so forcefully
Challenge my slothful self.

Like a bursting bud that blooms,
My eager spirit
Nourished so completely
Responds in praise to God.

- Marilynn Lindahl

Reno, NV:
  Trinity Episcopal Church, V. James Jeffery, Rector

     “Please accept appreciation from all who attended your concert at Trinity Church in Reno last
     night. I have heard nothing but accolades from those who were present. The brass, chorale, and
     narrators presented a stirring and moving program, which was especially nourishing following
     the events of September 11. We in Reno were blessed by your artistry.”

Plainview, TX:
  Harral Auditorium, Wayland Baptist University
  The Rev. Drew Travis, First Presbyterian Church, President, Plainview Area Habitat for Humanity

     “Once again, the performance of the Cornerstone Chorale & Brass was exceptional. I have heard
     so many comment that ‘I needed to hear that message.’ And a powerful message it is!

     To be reminded of God’s ‘love so amazing, so divine’ at this point in our history made the music
     and words of your performance take on new meaning for many who listened and were moved by
     your presentation. I am grateful that [we] were able to hear your message. I think it has, and
     will make a difference in this church and in this community as we seek ways to be faithful to
     God’s calling. We were also able, with your help, to raise much needed funding to support
     our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. I appreciate so much what you are doing.”

Evergreen, CO:
  Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity
  Dwight Souder, President

     “A special thank you to all of you for the wonderful concert and the message that you brought to
     our community in support of Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity. The music and arrangements
     were wonderful and all the musicians were terrific. So many people commented afterward how
     fantastic the music was and how meaningful the program was for them. In addition, your
     concert raised $2500 for BSHFH to help us build affordable homes. We admire the work that
     you are doing, and especially appreciate each of you sharing your gifts and graces with the

Sacramento, CA:
  Trinity Cathedral, Martha Chandley

     “All the Cornerstone concerts I’ve experienced over the years have continued to inspire me since
     our first meeting at Habitat for Humanity in Americus, GA, in 1988. You always create such
     exquisite and profound messages of hope and encouragement. Your concerts are all the
     more needed in these troubled times that cry out for comfort and empowerment.”

Creston, IA:
  Phil Mattson, School for Music Vocations

     “It was so nice to see you and hear the work you are doing! I admire you for doing the tough job
     of creating and maintaining your vision. Congratulations for carrying the torch on.”

From a Cornerstone Performer:
   2001 Western U.S. Tour

     “I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful experience, which has not only helped me to
     change and grow as a performer but also as a person...”

New York, NY:
  Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

     “It was grand! When that young man started singing Where have all the children gone?,
     I lost it and couldn’t stop crying.”

     “I hope Cornerstone will be back another year to perform then at The Riverside     

The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Senior Minister     
The Riverside Church in the City of New York       

Americus, GA:
  Habitat for Humanity Center

     “The power of the choir and brass not only stems from their superior performance,
     but from their incredible emotional intensity as well. Their message of compassion
     sprang from their hearts. They are truly an outstanding ensemble.”

Millard Fuller, Founder     
Habitat for Humanity        

Clinton, IA:
  Ministerial Association

     “The concert was very moving, deeply spiritual and an inspirational worship experience.
     There was no end of compliments and testimony favoring the quality and the depth of the
     performance. It was a program which pulled our churches together in a cooperative and
     ecumenical way that has never happened before, creating a warmth among congregations
     and pastors in a new way.”

Baltimore, MD:
  Genesis Jobs

     “Thanks again for the performance last evening. The event was a terrific success
     and the message and music were superb.”

St. Louis, MO:
  The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

     “The whole event had a sense of progress, change of mood, and musical variety to
     explore the theme. We heartily recommend your music work and have no doubt that The
     Cornerstone Chorale & Brass will enchant audiences everywhere. We applaud your ability to
     combine artistic expression of faith with social awareness. This is a fresh and welcome

Richmond, IN:

     “We were privileged to have The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass. All who heard the
     performance deeply appreciated the quality of the music and the power of the message.”

Tacoma, WA:
  The Rev. David Alger
  Associated Ministries of Tacoma

     “Cornerstone’s presentation was powerful and moving, and yet avoided
     over-sentimentality. The response to the event was extremely positive.”

Louisville, KY:

     “Thanks for a most inspiring and challenging musical presentation. It was the best!”

St. Louis, MO:
  North Side Team Ministry

     “Special thanks are extended to Dr. Bruce Vantine and The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass
     for the gift of their talents. Due to the efforts of all, more than $24,000 was raised and
     North Side Team will be able to re-open the Water Tower Community Center for children
     and families.”

Wichita, KS:

     “I had the distinct privilege of hearing Cornerstone at the performance in Wichita.
     I appreciated the quality and the musicianship of your members. Thank you for your
     dedication and the beautiful program you presented. The concert was outstanding!”

Florissant, MO:
  Dr. Elmer Belsha
  North County Incorporated

     “Cornerstone’s performance was superlative; an opinion which reflects the
     enthusiastic reception of the entire audience!”

St. Louis, MO:

     “How wonderful that you are giving your time and talents to create the unique presentations of
     The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass. The programs are beautiful, humbling and inspiring.
     So many lives are touched -- some in ways we will never know.”

Missoula, MT:
  Missoula Ministerial Association

     “The concert was certainly everything for which we had hoped. The music was superb and the
     musicians a pleasure to have in our homes and community. We appreciate your commitment
     to this very special ministry.”

Sacramento, CA:
  Martha Chandley
  Habitat for Humanity

     “To say that a Cornerstone Chorale & Brass performance is a glorious blessing for all
     who attend cannot begin to communicate the power, majesty and wonder of these events
     which have enthralled and energized audiences across America since 1988.

     Dr. Vantine’s brilliant compositions, direction, and program concept glorifies God as nothing
     else has done for me. His devoted and enormously talented musicians provide an experience of
     drama and worship of the highest order.

     Old and new music and words are integrated into a stirring and yet tender invitation into new
     possibilities and futures charged with deep meaning. Their overall proclamation empowers us to
     get on with God’s work of realizing redemption for each person as well as our society.
     I wish that all America could have Cornerstone program experiences.

     We, as a nation, are in desperate need of such transcending encounters that can renew
     hope and resolve for making our communal life more gracious, more caring, more blessed and
     blessing. I strongly believe that Cornerstone is an integral part of God’s plan for
     healing our land.”

Clovis, NM:
  First Presbyterian Church

     “It was indeed a pleasure to host Cornerstone last month. I have heard nothing but praise from
     all who were present. We appreciated the content of your program and the quality of your
     music. The program itself was well conceived and very meaningful, and we were enriched
     by the presentation. We would love to have you in our midst again.”

Mishawaka, IN:

     “What a lovely evening The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass brought to our community last
     Saturday! We were inspired by the message and the music, and honored that this prestigious
     ensemble was available to appear in our community. We extend an enthusiastic thank you to
     you all.”

Louisville, KY:
  Presbyterian Church Center

     “Cornerstone’s performance was refreshing and uplifting. I especially appreciated your focus
     on children. I held back tears of emotion. God bless you all.”

Bismarck, ND:

     “What a wonderful production! The music, the narration, the audience participation -- it was

San Leandro, CA:
  The Rev. David Ketterling
  St. James Lutheran Center for Well Being

     “Cornerstone was outstanding! The message was highly meaningful and raised important
     issues, bringing healing to us through the words and high quality music. Our congregation
     needed this program. Stick to what you’re doing. It’s great work!”

Sacramento, CA:
  The Very Rev. Donald G. Brown
  Dean, Trinity Cathedral Church

     “Your message is powerful and I am certain you are helping accomplish much good in the
     communities you visit. If you haven’t heard the news, we cleared over $8000 for Francis
     House work with the hungry and homeless. You have an excellent group, and I hope you
     will be able to continue. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless your

Pine Bluff, AK:

     “Ministers and laity alike who attended the concert expressed that they had never been so
     moved. It cannot easily be explained or described to a person who has never
     experienced a Cornerstone event.”

Salem, OR:
  Irv Martin, Minister of Music
  First Presbyterian Church

     “The concert by Cornerstone was inspiring and challenging at the same time. The event did a
     great deal to re-sensitize our audience to the needs around us. The quality of the
     presentation was superb. Cornerstone brings a most timely ministry to our nation.”

St. Charles, MO:

     “Thank you for a most inspiring and entertaining evening with Cornerstone. I was touched and
     enlightened by the music, beautiful voices and instruments, and the carefully chosen words of
     wisdom. The familiar made me smile and the unfamiliar made me think. It is
     evident that you have undertaken a labor of love -- successfully! I pray and trust that God will
     bless your future endeavors.”

Bismarck, ND:

     “We were all most impressed and inspired by The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass concert
     program, entitled For of Such Is the Kingdom. What a wonderful production! The music, the
     narration, the audience participation -- all was excellent! One couldn’t help but be impressed
     by the high caliber credentials of the performers. Dr. Vantine pulled it all together with
     magnificent results!”

St. Louis, MO:

     “Dr. Vantine has exhibited a unique skill of blending a heightened sensitivity of community
     needs with professional musical expression. One is deeply touched by the message of pain
     interwoven with hope, while at the same time able to enjoy the music and poignant lyrics.”

Salt Lake City, UT:
  Crossroads Urban Center for the Homeless

     “What a wonderful evening with The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass! The event has gone a
     long way toward funding our holiday programs for the poor. The mission of Cornerstone
     and the quality of their performance were a true breath of fresh air for us in Salt Lake! God
     bless you as you move forward in your musical tribute to God’s mercy and justice. Please
     consider Salt Lake City and the Crossroads Urban Center again in your tour plans.”

Sacramento, CA:
  Gary Bunker, Executive Director, St. Francis House

     “Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for bringing to Sacramento your
     wonderful ministry. Your performance was unrivaled, in my experience, for bringing exquisite
     orchestration, sublime choral performance and a most important message of hope together in
     one event.

     In these times, so much of what we read and hear is negative and depressing. However,
     Cornerstone’s performance reminds us all of our great heritage, and while defining the
     seriousness of our problems, it gives hope. I left feeling that with God’s help we can do
     something about it!”

Cape Girardeau, MO:

     “Cornerstone was fantastic!”

Edina, MN:
  Heather Hood, Minister of Music
  Christ Presbyterian Church

     “I want to offer my thanks for bringing The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass to the Minneapolis
     area for such a grand event. I’ve heard so many comments from the concert-goers about the
     wonderful music, the inspiring narration, the visual artistry, the talented musicians (and their
     graciousness in the homes), the atmosphere of thanksgiving and awareness of the needs of

     Everything that you state in your publicity materials is absolutely true!
     Your dedication and hard work is evident, and greatly appreciated. God
     bless your continuing efforts in this special ministry.”

Florissant, MO:

     “The concert was outstanding -- really marvelous -- and such an excellent and moving way to
     begin the Thanksgiving / Advent / Christmas seasons!”

St. Louis, MO:
  Sister Josephine Oldani, Catholic Charities of St. Louis

     “What a delightful evening! The presentation was of high professional quality. Both the
     chorus and brass ensemble performed with excellence. The theme of the program addressed what
     is best in our society, and inspires the listener to act.

     I enjoyed the performance and was strengthened in my commitment to serve those in need,
     especially children.”

Steubenville, OH:
  The Council of Christian Churches

     “It would be impossible to tell you how much it meant to our community and and to
     The Council of Christian Churches to have such a spiritual, uplifting concert as that
     presented by Cornerstone.

     The concert was very moving. Our hearts were stirred as we all shared in this wonderful
     experience. It was a blessing to have The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass in our community.

     No one could imagine how much greater the experience would be than what we anticipated.
     The God-given message of what is, was clear and promoted the glory of what can be!
     Such a ministry reaches people in unique and wonderful ways.”

Springfield, MO:

     “We marveled at the concert and at the wonderful way The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass

St. Louis, MO:

     “As a minister who has attended several different Cornerstone performances, I am constantly
     amazed by each concert when I realize all the elements that have gone into its production. All
     of it is done to communicate a sacred message to inspire concern for the needy of our world.
     The concerts are not really concerts in a traditional sense. They are worshipful, uplifting,
     ‘mountain-top’ events. One comes away having experienced an encounter with the Divine.”

San Antonio, TX:

     “It was an honor to have The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass in San Antonio. The integrity and
     quality of the production was exactly what we were looking for to be associated with the image
     of our ministries. Musically speaking, it was excellent. The theme was executed well. We hope
     that a return to San Antonio might be possible in the near future.”

Pine Bluff, AR:

     “A timely reminder of the meaning of Thanksgiving was presented last night by
     The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass. The music was excellent. Cornerstone has taken
     a cappella singing to the superlative level. The impact of the message was felt
     throughout the audience. This is an ensemble of extremely talented musicians who
     performed as a well-tuned instrument.”

Florissant, MO:

     “The words, and the beautiful and sensitively directed music that accompanied them, sent us
     from the concert uplifted and recommitted to doing what we can to make our community
     a better place to live.”

San Antonio, TX:
  The Rev. John Moe, St. John’s Lutheran Church

     “The message of the program was very thought-provoking and caused me to look at my life and
     re-examine my faith. It was a completely unique musical experience.”

Savannah, GA:
  Steven Branyon, Minister of Music, St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

     “We have heard great comments from those that attended the Cornerstone concert. It was
     extremely moving and a marvelous picture or message through words, movement and music.
     A first class production.”

St. Charles, MO:

     “A unique way to couch a subject of profound and universal importance in the fabric of a
     choral conscience-jolter. We were absorbed by the music and the content, and literally
     swept away by it. It speaks to everyone so eloquently and passionately about the plight of
     the poor, and yet is as fine a crafted piece of music literature as I have encountered in my
     thirty years in music.

     On Thanksgiving morning following the concert, I set my alarm for 4:00 am and went
     down to the Salvation Army to offer my help.”

Greenville, PA:

     “We were delighted to have the opportunity to experience Cornerstone’s performance.
     The program was very moving.”

Wichita, KS:

     “I hope that this type of music may never be lost in our day and age, and that more and more
     people may come to experience and appreciate the excellence of The Cornerstone Chorale &

Cleveland, OH:
  The Rev. Robert T. Strommen, The Western Reserve Association of the United Church of Christ

     “The Cornerstone concert was a great success. It brought together hundreds of the United
     Church Family to hear an inspiring message of social justice through music and narration.

     It also demonstrated how churches can work together on a major project, and raise
     over $10,000 for the homeless and needy that live among us.”

San Diego, CA:
  Prof. Keith A. Pagan, Chair, Department of Music, Point Loma Nazarene College

     “We were indeed fortunate to be able to host The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass for a
     second time. All of those present walked away with a sensation of ‘Wow!’ and were
     completely caught up in the overall presentation.

     It is my hope that you can return again. I wish you and the chorale the best of everything and
     God’s richest blessing as you pursue your dream of musical excellence in a ministry mode.”

St. Petersburg, FL:

     “Thank you so much for a terrific performance on behalf of Resurrection House. Words fail me
     in describing the beautiful experience Cornerstone provided all of us. Thank you for your care,
     concern and gift to our community. It was a unique and moving experience. The total
     professionalism of the performers and the director was testimony to their musicianship and
     dedication both to music and to humanity.”

     “The Cornerstone concert was spiritual and made an excellent family evening. I was
     extremely impressed with the ensemble and the program -- uplifting work reflecting the
     glory of God through inspiring words and wonderful music.”

Naples, FL:
  St. Matthew’s House

     “Thanks be to God! You have responded to our act of faith -- as we set out to build a new
     shelter for homeless individuals and families -- by responding with an act of faith of your
     own. Your contribution of time and talent raised community awareness and over
     $19,000 for our building fund.”

Chagrin Falls, OH:

     “The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass performance was truly a first class worship, fellowship,
     and artistic event, all in one.”

Cleveland, OH:

     “Many, many thanks for bringing The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass to the Cleveland area.
     The conductor and the ensemble are truly remarkable.”

North Dakota State Capitol:
  George A. Sinner, Office of the Governor

     “I was very honored to be a narrator for The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass event, and enjoyed it
     as well. I wish you Godspeed in your work of bringing an artful presentation of the teachings of
     America’s best thinkers in the Judeo/Christian tradition and of other sincere religious traditions.”

South Bend, IN:
  Mark Kelley, News Anchor, WNDU-TV

     “Your program is a truly wonderful musical creation with an essential message. I was pleased
     to be allowed to narrate one of the roles in your performance. If I can ever be of service in the
     future, don’t hesitate to call. I sincerely hope to see you in our area again.”

Joliet, IL:

     “A unique community concert event and moving experience! Dr. Vantine is a conductor of the
     highest caliber. The choir is well trained and highly disciplined. Listening to the message
     and music of Cornerstone is truly an evening well spent! They were a joy to hear, and the
     finest in choral and instrumental music.”

Americus, GA:
  Habitat for Humanity International Headquarters

     “A delightful performance, full of rich voices and outstanding brass. People are still
     talking about the intensity of emotion they experienced that evening. All were
     tremendously moved by the message, and by the honesty and obvious commitment of the
     performers. The music was electrifying!

     This is an incredible program which will help generate new support and deepen existing
     support for charities in any community. The fact is, Cornerstone provides a perfect fund-

Interfaith Partnership of Metropolitan St. Louis:
  Barbara Russell, Executive Director

     “Your work is one of the best ways in which to enlighten others about the problems faced by
     our economically disadvantaged brothers and sisters. God bless you in the work you do!”

Lincoln, NE:

     “Cornerstone performances are more than a concert, though the quality of music is outstanding.
     The event is a spiritual awakening: reminding us of our God-entrusted wealth, informing us of
     some critical and crying needs in human society, and encouraging us as people of faith to
     respond to God’s call to do whatever is within our power to minister to those needs.”

Las Vegas, NM:

     “As a result of the Cornerstone performance, Samaritan House -- a shelter for homeless
     transients -- received enough money to completely renovate their facility. Your
     appearance here was highly acclaimed by all who were present. Many asked, ‘When can
     we have them back?’ They were impressed with the precision, the decorum, the tonal blend.
     Cornerstone was a smash hit!”

West Sacramento, CA:

     “Cornerstone is a profound musical ministry of proclaiming hope for peace and justice. I just
     wish everyone could experience a Cornerstone performance.”

Edwardsville, IL:
  Dr. Leonard Van Camp, Director of Choral Music
  Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

     “Thank God idealism isn’t dead! It lives on in you and Cornerstone -- your acceptance of
     the challenge of sharing beauty with others and continuing to grow as a musician, Christian,
     and person. Keep up the good work. I admire the result enormously!”

Ferguson, MO:
  The Rev. Samuel J. Roth

     “Not only did we enjoy the Cornerstone performance, we were enthralled by it! Having heard
     you last night, I regret having missed previous performances. The quality of your
     concert was superb, both in composition and in execution. You gathered a top-notch group of
     artists, and lifted them to great heights with inspired conducting. We were captivated by the